Sarah Windholz, Owner/Managing Broker
Sarah Windholz, Owner/Managing Broker



Crystal Property Management offers a multitude of different services for the homeowner associations that we manage and work with. Below is a sample of the services that we offer. Please contact us to discuss the needs that you would like fulfilled so that we can help!


Association Web Site Maintenance

  • Create and maintain a web database of all pertinent Association information including Association covenants, bylaws, rules, meeting minutes, financial reports, insurance policies, contact information, annual budgets, notices, design review information, etc.
  • Prepare and scan necessary documents that are approved by the Board for website access.


Association Covenant Violations/ Property Inspections

  • Inspect the community on a routine basis to identify covenant violations and areas of concern in the community.
  • Prepare and mail out certified letters to covenant violation offenders.
  • Communicate and follow-up on violations with owners. Communicate with Board on all issues.
  • Re-inspect the violations to see ensure compliance.
  • Facilitate further correspondence if the violation has not been corrected.
  • Take necessary action by issuing daily or weekly fines if the violation is not corrected.
  • Act as liaison between Board, attorney and homeowners in these situations.


Covenant Violations (Complaint Driven)

  • Communicate with homeowners for complaints on specific addresses.
  • Maintain the anonymity of concerned homeowners as to not create neighbor hostility.
  • Inspect the issue and to evaluate the complaint.
  • Communicate with the Board on the issue.
  • Follow same procedure as above for further action.


Association Home Sales

  • Mail out welcome packets to all new owners.
  • Provide new owners with owner update form and ensure that Association has correct correspondence details.
  • Answer questions from prospective buyers as well as new owners.
  • Help answer questions about neighborhood information: parking rules, covenants, rules, etc.
  • Help answer and facilitate questions concerning utility companies and general information about the Association.


Association Design Review Process

  • Facilitate the design review process by communicating with owners in regards to their requests.
  • Ensuring design review requests are complete and thorough before presenting to the Board for approval.
  • Prepare approval or denial letters regarding the application.
  • Explain and communicate approvals, exceptions and timeframes to owners regarding the Board’s decisions.
  • Communicate with homeowners to ensure that projects are completed as agreed upon.


Association Mailings

  • Maintain updated list of owners, properties and their mailing addresses.
  • Investigate returned mail due to an incorrect mailing address and take appropriate measures to ensure the list is accurate.
  • Mail notices, newsletters and agendas for annual meetings as directed by the Board.
  • Post notices to all residents as needed concerning updates, violations, newsletters, etc.


Association Vendor Communication

  • Work with the vendors that are selected by the Board.
  • Prepare contracts between the vendor and the Association.
  • Follow up with the vendors to ensure the job is being done correctly. Meet with vendors as necessary to ensure quality.


Association Dues Collections

  • Prepare statements or coupon books for routine assessments.
  • Routinely deposit and post assessment payments.
  • Send out a reminder letter 30 days after the statement has been sent to owners who have not sent in a payment.
  • Follow up on past due accounts by sending additional correspondence at the 60 day past due dates.
  • Prepare statements and documentation for the attorney to send out a collection letter.
  • Continual follow up on past due accounts via working with Association attorney.


Association Budgetary Process

  • Prepare the first draft of the budget for Board review.
  • Explain and communicate with owners for budget related questions.
  • Continually update budget forecasts via accounting software to track monthly expenses and compare to budget forecasts.
  • Prepare reserve studies for reserve account forecasting.


Association Board / Annual Meetings

  • Prepare the agenda draft and packet.
  • Compile all documentation required for the meeting including budgetary information.
  • Proactively ensure quorum requirements are met for all meetings.
  • Prepare packets for all attendees for all meetings.
  • Attend all meetings.
  • Prepare the draft of the meeting minutes.
  • Submit final meeting minutes to the web site company that need to be posted on the web site.


Association Workshops and Government Meeting Attendance (As needed)

  • Same as above.


Government Forms

  • Provide end of year documents to the CPA who files the taxes.
  • Provide discounted rates to the Association via relationships with vendor.
  • Keep contractor insurance and W-9’s on file.
  • Prepare and mail out IRS 1099 forms as required by law.


State Statute Compliance

  • As new State Statutes become law, get the information to the Board members.


Association Legal Affairs

  • Meet and communicate with Association attorney on legal matters of the Association
  • Act as liaison between attorney and Board.
  • Attend all meetings between the attorney and the Board on issues affecting the HOA.


Project Bidding

  • To obtain bids (upon direction of the Board) for any work performed for the association.
  • Once a bid has been agreed upon; create, prepare and edit the proper contracts.
  • Facilitate Board members contract review contract and execute contracts if authority is given to CPM by the Board.


Association Accounts Payable

  • Pay all bills as they become due.
  • Schedule a time for a Board member to sign and review checks before they go out if requested.


Association Document Storage

  • Keep and maintain all records for the required amount of time by State Law.


Homeowner Communication

  • Communicate with all owners regarding all issues that arise in subdivision.
  • Act as the primary contact between owners and Board.


Emergency Response

  • Maintain 24 hour availability in the case of emergencies.

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